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January 2019

Erawan Waterfalls

One of the most magical, cooling, relaxing, fun places in Thailand and deservedly so. I only made it up to the third waterfall, but that was enough for me.

Erawan National Park is another significant national park in Thailand. Located in Kanchanaburi, Thailand, it has received many awards, with the most prodigious being the award in the natural attractions category at the 6th Thailand Tourism Industry Awards in 2006.

Here lies the biggest and most beautiful waterfall of Kanchanaburi, Erawan Waterfall, which runs from the Huai Mong Lai River down a 2100 meters tall mountain.

The waterfall is 1500 meters long and has seven tiers, each of which is a great and safe swimming area. Moreover, you can take a 30 minute walk around Erawan nature trail to savor the beauty of hill evergreen forest and deciduous forest.

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Pai -Thailand

Pai and it's district has a wealth of places to visit and experience, it fast became one of my favourite places up in the North of Thailand whilst I was driving round the Mae hon son loop.

From the spectacular viewpoints and the stunningly refreshing waterfalls, to the beautiful forests and the Historical Memorial bridge, and some.... you will never see everything, which is why Pai is firmly on my "go back to" place.

Yun Lai Viewpoint;the Yun Lai Viewpoint situated in the Yunnan Chinese village about 4.5 kilometers from central Pai.

Pai Memorial Bridge is establish in World War II ( 1942 ) when Japan is powerful in Thailand. Japan solider use Pai for is transportation route from Chiang Mai to Burma. This bridge is the route for transport the forces and weapon to Burma like River Kwai in Kanchanaburi province. Then World War II Memorial Bridge become the building be left over after the war.

Huai Nam Dang Viewpoint at Doi Kiew Lom to overlook a stunning scene when the peak of Doi Chiang Dao emerges from the sea of fog in the morning hours.

Mae Sa Waterfall
Arguably one of the most photogenic waterfalls around Chiang Mai. This multi-tier waterfall consists of 10 levels that you can even climb up carefully. Alternatively, you can take a narrow and slightly demanding trail next to the waterfall that leads up to the top. Each level is different in size but just shallow enough to stay inside. It’s a popular weekend spots for locals and expats, therefore come in the morning and during the week to avoid the hordes of visitors.

The Tha Pai Hot Spring is located in the area of Huai Nam Dang National Park in Pai. It has an average temperature of 80C. Steam from the spring permeates the site in the morning, creating fascinating sights.

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Whats in a Wat

A look at the Temple structures in Thailand with images

So I am sure many people have heard of Wats, be it Thailand (the land of many Wats), or Cambodia, Burma, Laos or any other Buddhist worshipping countries.

Actually “Wat” is the word for a Buddhist temple (= a place of worship) or monastery (= a building in which monks live and worship).

Having spent a few years here in Thailand, and also having photographed many hundreds of Wats, I thought it would be interesting to share what I have found out about them and show you examples of the buildings inside the Wat complex.

We will explore structures such as Stupas, Viharns,Ubosot, and Sala’s. I hope to give them a bit more enlightenment to their names and uses and maybe a little bit of history.
Learn alll the things you wanted to know about Wats here in this link - https://true-travels.com/2019/01/27/whats-in-a-wat/


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Sunset at Pak Meng Beach

During my road trip down to the South of Thailand in December 2018, our first really southerly stop was at Pak Meng, here almost devoid of western tourists I was witness to a most spectacular sunset.

Pak Meng is Trang’s most developed beach. It’s a long narrow strip of sand with beautiful views over a flat calm ocean and across to the islands of Koh Ngai and Koh Muk. No wonder there are numerous beach shack bars and restaurants cheek by jowl, designed for predominantly Thai tourists to enjoy the view while sipping a cold one in the shade of the numerous trees that line the beach.

Directly behind the trees runs Pak Meng’s road, parallel to the beach and shoreline. There’s a second strip of more sturdy looking restaurants on the other side of the road, around 20 to 30 in total, so you’re spoilt for choice.

Pak Meng beach is long – all the action is up at the northern end and the restaurants and beach bars extend for about a kilometre down the beach.

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Wat Bang Khae Noi "7-piece teak Wat"

Wat Bang Khae Noi "7-piece teak Wat" Samut Songkhram Wat Bang Khae Noi in Samut Songkhram Thailand. During my road trip down to the South of Thailand in December 2018, I stopped at Samut Songkhram, not only for the maeklong railway market but to visit some of it's original Wats. Of which there are many!

Wat Bang Khae Noi is located in Tambon Khwae Om by the Mae Klong River.

This temple was built by Khunying Chui (Noi) Wongsarot in 1868. Initially, the Ubosot (ordination hall) was built on the bamboo raft tied to a Bodhi tree on the river bank.

At present, the temple is well restored. The most interesting thing is the ordination hall’s inside walls which are woodcarvings in Teak depicting the Lord Buddha’s history, birth, enlightenment, and nirvana, as well as stories of the Lord Buddha’s Ten Incarnations or Jatakas.

The beautiful and explicit design was made by craftsmen from Phetchaburi province where woodcarving is famous for this style of work.

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