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June 2018

Aeroplane Park- Korat

Second in the series of "The place where I live" is this amazing aeroplane park on the edge of the city.

Here you can get up close and personal with a ten year old decommissioned Boeing 747 from the Orient Thai Airways.

Rebuilt from the ground up, and minus it's insides, you can feast your eyes on this "giant" of the airways whilst sipping a cool drink from the aptly named "Take Off Cafe" and then stroll around and photograph or walk round to your hearts delight

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Muang Ya 100 Year old Market- Korat

A series of photo projects on "The area where I live". The first one is the Muang Ya or 100 year old market, which isn't actually a 100 years old! but hey it feels and looks the part . There are nearly always something like this in most big cities, I just wish we kept them in the UK!

This is a popular night spot for eating in Korat. This place has with retro and vintage look, but it is not 100 years old. It was build around 2011 on 3 Rai of land.

Beside many food stands, there are kinds of “antiques” at the back, from old cellphones behind a glass, to old pedicabs and old cars.

It still has an historic value:during the Vietnam War, the owner built wooden bungalows for American soldiers to rent. These bungalows were about 100 years old and remained until 2011. Later, the land was sold and transformed into that market. You can still see them now!

It’s covered, so even during the rainy season, you can eat outside without any problem. In the last years (2017-2018) more or more seafood and fish on BBQ are available and seems to be a trend. I personally like the “pla tap tim” on BBQ, or Pla Ka Pong. With sauces and vegetables, it’s normally 180 baht and you have enough for 2 people. The best stand, for me, is the one around the back of the market, near the Chang Bar.Snails are nice at 100 baht, beer Singh is currently 70 baht. Chang and Leo are cheaper…

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Sala Kaew Ku Sculpture Park- Nong Khai

The park’s countless dazzling sculptures were the life’s work of Boun Leua Sulilat, a Lao man who spent much of his early life absorbing mystical knowledge from an ascetic hermit named Kaew Ku, who lived in a cave in Laos. Sala Kaew Ku is Sulilat’s impressive attempt to bring this knowledge to life. While the striking depictions draw from a wide range of ancient beliefs, including animist folklore, Hindu mythology and Buddhist traditionalism, the execution is all Sulilat.

Surrounded by well-groomed gardens and a large pond, the 100+ sculptures range from modest in size to way larger than life, with the tallest reaching 25 metres in height. Along with endless grinning Buddhas and animated Hindu gods, the park features several depictions of nagas, or mythical serpents that play a prominent role in South and Southeast Asian mythology. Sulilat himself strongly identified with snakes, believing them to be the purest of all creatures

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Sappha Sang Won Chedi- Northern Issan

Another amazing Hill top Wat in the Udon District in the Isaan Region

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Dan Kwian- Korat

Known as the 'land of ceramics', Dan Kwian is Nakhon Ratchasima's main ceramics center. Previously an area where bull-carts would stop on their way to nearby Khorat, generations of Dan Kwian residents have been involved in making the local pottery which is famed for a rough texture and a rust-like color. The geographic particularities of this district mean that it is the only place in the country this type of pottery is produced. Aside from the usual bowls and dishes, the pottery is shaped in a variety of everyday implements such as utensils and tools.

The ceramics of Dan Kwian are made with black bronzed clay, coming from the Moun River. The ceramics are famous in the whole Thailand and they even sell them in Chiangmai, Bangkok and export them worldwide. In the province of Nakhon Ratchasima, Dan Kwian is famous and called the ‘pottery village’.

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